Reiki is an ancient form of Japanese healing using energy points on the body to align the mind-body connection.  It rests on the premise that wellness is an ongoing process attributed to a healthy body and mind. 

There are seven major energy points or chakras, each integral to the life force that moves within us.  An imbalance of these energy points leads to stagnation or dis-ease in the body which acts as a feedback mechanism.  The practitioner helps restore these imbalances by inducing relaxation, promoting stress reduction and a state of mental clarity conducive to spiritual well-being.   This is done by intentionally channeling universal life force energy to clear energy blockages, sometimes with the use of crystals. 

At a physical level the aim is to hold the client in a space of higher vibrational frequency to help mitigate the effects of residual trauma in the cells of the body.


60 Minute Reiki R250

60 Minute Reiki & Crystal Healing R300


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